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About Your Bill


WSA produces and mails over 40,000 billing statements each month. Customer locations are divided into 10 different cycles.  These cycles are split up geographically throughout the county and serve as specific routes for our Meter Readers to ensure meter reading efficiency.  Each billing cycle is approximately 30 days in length, which keeps service periods consistent and billed amounts at a minimum.

Each month, a WSA employee reads the water meter at your address and enters the reading into an electronic hand-held device.  These are actual reads that are entered into the device.  If our personnel cannot gain access to the meter, your reading could be estimated for that service period.

Once the meter has been read, the information is reviewed for accuracy, and your billing statement is created.  Your bill provides you with a multitude of information concerning your account.  Click here if you would like to see an explanation of the different areas of your billing statement.

Your payment is due by the due date printed on the bill.  A 15% penalty is assessed for those payments received after the due date.

If you ever have any questions about your bill, whether it’s about the amount charged or the usage amount, or anything else, WSA Customer Service Representatives are always happy to assist you.  Please call (770) 920-3823.