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Disconnection for Non-Payment


It is the responsibility of every customer to pay the bill in full and on time.  However, from time to time customers may find themselves in a financial pinch and be unable to pay their bill.  WSA encourages customers to call before the bill is past due to make short-term payment arrangements.  If the customer does not contact WSA and does not pay the bill on time, the customer is subject to a possible service interruption or termination of service.

If service is interrupted or disconnected due to non-payment, the customer could be requested to upgrade the deposit on his/her account.  Once service has been processed for disconnection, a $50.00 restoration fee will be added to the next billing statement.  Once payment has been received, the service should be restored within the next 24 hours (or next business day).

Customers are notified when they are past due and are being considered for disconnection by the warning message that is printed on the bill.  No further notification will be given.

To reduce costs created by customers who fail to pay for service, WSA terminates water service if payment has not ben received by the due date of any bill that includes an unpaid past-due balance from previous months.  This strict lock-off policy protects customers with a good payment history from being burdened with the costs associated with delinquent accounts.

If your account is past due or your service has been interrupted, you should make your payment in person at 8763 Hospital Drive in Douglasville or with a live representative over the phone during normal business hours.  Payments made through the automated telephone system or online via the internet may not post to your account for 24-48 hours.

Once service has been disconnected due to non-payment, only cash or debit/credit card payments will be accepted to restore service.