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Water Conservation


Water conservation refers to reducing the usage of water and recycling it for a different use (i.e., watering landscaping with water which has poured off the roof during a rain event).  The goal of water conservation is to help ensure the availability of water for future generations.

The extreme drought of 2007 made Douglas County residents more aware of the need to conserve water than ever before.  Total outdoor watering bans were put into effect, and Douglas Countians were forced to make changes in the day-to-day water-use habits they had practiced for years.  Their lawns dried up, fund-raiser car washes and water festivals were banned.  The Dog River Reservoir, the main raw water source for drinking water in Douglas County, practically dried up, and WSA was forced to issue fines for non-compliance of the ban in an attempt to conserve as much water as possible.

In an attempt to give residents some ideas for conserving water at home and some ways to protect their lawns as much as possible, WSA hosted several Drought Survival Workshops and distributed drought survival tips.  In this Conservation section, you will be able to find out:
the current outdoor watering restrictions for Douglas County, obtain a list of 100+ water saving tips, take a household water-use audit to see how your family is doing, and see where your daily water-use goes.