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It is of utmost importance to WSA that we be able to notify our customers as quickly as possible in the event of a drinking water emergency.  In 2007, WSA contracted with the emergency telephone notification system network, CodeRED.

This system gives us the capability to notify the entire county at one time in the event of an emergency which affects everyone’s drinking water.  It also gives us the ability to geographically pinpoint an emergency notification area, only calling those customers affected in that area.  CodeRED can deliver up to 60,000 recorded messages directly to homes and businesses in one hour.

The messages will always be recorded by a WSA employee who will begin by identifying the caller as WSA.  The nature of the emergency will be described, and the steps you as the customer should take will be listed.  You will be informed of how further updates can be received, for example on our website and/or to expect a follow-up phone call.

Due to the nature of this business, and the fact that not everyone works the same shift, the time of day to send out an emergency notification phone call will never be good for everyone at the same time.  WSA must send the message out as quickly as possible after the onset of the emergency situation in order to give the customers the maximum amount of reaction time possible.

The flood during the early morning hours of September 21, 2009 was the first time we had an emergency requiring the activation of the calling system.  During the course of that week, 124,417 phone calls with updates were placed to customers as they occurred.  With this system, we were able to advise most customers of the boil water advisory before they consumed the water.

The database we use is from a national database which pulled out phone numbers for Douglas County residents and companies.  We also encourage customers to submit their preferred notification numbers by clicking below and filling out the form.  If the number is a duplication, it will automatically kick out the previous number.  If your phone number has changed since you previously entered it, please take a moment to enter the new number(s).  If you would like to remove a phone number so that it no longer receives a call, please send an e-mail to and request the number be removed.

Submit emergency notification information to us.