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Wastewater Services


Wastewater is “used” water that is deposited into drains by residents and businesses. Flushing the toilet, taking a shower, and running the washing machine are all examples of everyday activities which produce wastewater. Once used, the water drains down the sink or toilet and travels through a network of underground pipes known as the sanitary sewer system.

The average Douglas County citizen uses 60 gallons of water per day. The organic and inorganic material found in this wastewater is too abundant to be handled by the environment. Therefore, treatment of the wastewater is an essential, multi-stage process performed before it reenters a body of water to prevent contamination and destruction of waterways, drinking water sources, and natural water resources. Each receiving body of water has limits to the amount of pollutants it can receive without degradation. Therefore, each sewage treatment plant must hold an NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Ellimination System) permit.

About 3.5 million gallons of treated wastewater are reused each month in the treatment process at our South Central Wastewater Treatment Plant. The remainder of the treated water from all our plants is discharged into the Chattahoochee River in a form much cleaner than the River water itself. Discharged treated wastewater is called effluent.

WSA’s motto, “Award Winning Service For Our Local Community,” applies to the treatment of wastewater as well as to the treatment of your drinking water. Our wastewater treatment lab, named best in Georgia in 2009, 2011, and 2014, uses daily tests to ensure that the effluent leaving our facilities is the highest possible quality. Please click to view all awards won by our wastewater treatment plants as well as all awards won by WSA as a whole.

Although WSA operates six wastewater treatment plants, for purposes of this website, our newest plant, the South Central Wastewater Treatment Plant, will be featured in the remainder of the wastewater treatment information. To view or print a brochure about the plant, please click here.

Interested groups may tour the South Central Wastewater Treatment Plant to learn about wastewater treatment and the ways they can help protect water quality in Douglas County. Please click plant tours for more information or call (770) 949-7617.